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14 Chances

I am just reading through a post Melisa Nielsen wrote about temperament and parenting styles and hence the title of this post - 14 chances.

Why do we sometimes lose our temper as parents?

It is all about learning how to set boundaries as a parent, for the child, and being willing to stick to them.  I think many parents today could benefit from such a thought.  It is like the mom at the grocery store who tells the child umpteen times (maybe fourteen?) not to do something, or else.....  The child very well knows that the parent is not really setting a boundary.  These are empty threats.

How much better for our children to hear fewer words, but ones that hold real meaning.

Easier said than done.  I know.

I think such an approach helps us to keep our cool as well.  No need at all to lose one's patience or temper, because the child has not been allowed to wear away at our patience.