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Showing posts from May, 2013

When I grow up....

As we were going for a late evening walk, looking for fireflies, ds looked at me and suddenly asked, Mommy, when I am big, will I remember being little?  It really struck me, as he was nearly sad in his questioning.  He found a little pebble, and asked me to keep it, so he could remember being little.

Line and Form with String

I decided to introduce some more complex forms, and thought to use string (or modeling clay) to make this easier.  We used a different color for each part.  It enhanced our ability to 'see' the form, an essential part of what form drawing is all about.

Farewell to our Goldfish

Dd took this photo.  We had this little goldfish for about four years.  I was surprised to learn how long they could live, although in the end, he took a turn for the worse, probably ammonia buildup in the water.