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Beeswax arrived today!

The week has been rather dark and cold, so the kids were very excited that the beeswax came and right away began asking if we could make new candles.  It is amazing the warmth that candlelight brings to a dreary day.

Focus on Preschool - Winter

We have been focusing on winter as  a theme, so I did this chalk drawing last night just for ds!  It is sometimes challenging to juggle two very different grade levels, and the preschooler definitely needs a little more attention, although he is still at an age where he can just go off and play for a good portion of the day.

Shelters & Dwellings: Nomads of Asia

We moved from nomadic cave dwellers to nomads of the Asian steppe- the Mongols!  We have learned a bit about their way of life and how they built their homes.  We copied this chalk drawing of a yurt and will attempt to build one with felt.

We will have spelling and vocabulary based on this topic and maybe a few math problems too - especially once we begin to build our yurt.  We will have some Mongolian food,some salty tea, and copy a map of the country, and read about Marco Polo and the famous Khan.

Resources for this portion of our block:
The Adventures of Marco Polo by Russell Freedman and Bagram Ibatoulline

Traditional Houses from Around the World by A.G. Smith How We are Sheltered by James F. Chamberlain Houses of China by Bonnie Shemie

To see the previous lesson in this block, look at the entry for Cave Dwellers.