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Creative Friday - Child's Scarf in Raspberry

I finished this very simple garter stitch skinny scarf which I started right after the hurricane.   I started immediately on the next, in bright sunny yellow.  Sometimes, it is good to make something very simple, as it gives quick results, which always a good thing to boost your students morale.  I have found that it is the perfect time to knit is as I sit with ds to help him sleep.  Once he settles down,  is a nice quiet, and peaceful time....

Shelters & Dwellings: Cave Dwellers

Carrying on in our study of cave dwellers, I completed a new chalk drawing for our next lesson.

Since we started with Altamira and Lascaux, and since this is a region I am more familiar with, I decided to stay in the area for the time.  We are looking into some of the caves of the Mediterranean.  It was really a wonderful thing to study, because I was able to use my own photos and books that I had acquired while travelling.  The first hand aspect brought things to life in an amazing way.  

We focused on the island of Menorca, with its caves, Necropoli, Talyots and other stone structures that show how early peoples there lived.  I remember one place even where there were water drainage areas, which were essentially round depressions in the earth, which were used to collect and filter water, pretty state of the art for 2000 BCE.

Great Read Aloud Titles for Third Grade

Reading out loud is a big deal in our home, and a regular part of our day.  This will be a list in check back or feel free to recommend some of your favorites.

Sharing a Good Book - The Wind in the Willows

Just starting a new book, that was recommended by a fellow blogger mom for third grade.  We read the first chapter of The Wind in the Willows this afternoon, after our walk in the park.  It was a nice afternoon for such, and the story is really charming.  We are reading the version by Robert Ingpen, which has such idyllic paintings and drawings.  Somehow it reminds me a bit of Beatrix Potter's works, but for an older child.

It already seems the perfect story for the third grade child, "absorbed in the new life he was entering upon, intoxicated with the sparkle, the ripple, the scents and the sounds and the sunlight, he trailed a paw in the water and dreamed long waking dreams."

The impertinent mole rushes ahead of himself to do something which he very well cannot, but in his youthful foolishness, is so eager to do, that both he and his new chum topple over into the water.  But like a youthful heart, he is full of remorse for his ill deed, and even sheds some tears, whic…

Back to Schoolwork

We did some schoolwork today.  It is Monday - back to school for NYC.  I figured we would sort of get back to schoolwork too - sort of.  It didn't go as hoped...not too smooth...even lost my temper once, and then inhaled deeply and recovered, sought patience, and sat down to explain some math that just wasn't otherwise making sense.  I wish I had had more patience, shown more kindness, smiled a little more, and lived in the moment, rather than the worry.  I will try again tomorrow.  
DD is begging to learn cursive, so tomorrow we will do some loopy forms and then some swing letters.  I think that will bring some smiles.

Sunday Thanks

Today, with a heavy heart, I am thankful for the many gifts I have.  Especially, the gift of life.  May we find a moment today to work good towards one another.

"Go, eat your food with rejoicing and drink your wine with a good heart, because already the true God has found pleasure in your works...All that your hand finds to do, do with your very power.  -Ecclesiastes 9: 7,10