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Farm Activity for the Littles

We got this little scavenger hunt list at a small urban farm, The Battery Urban Farm, a great place for kids in downtown NYC. (They are always having activities) It was a really nice activity for the children, and sent them off looking for 'farmy' things.
Can you find these on the farm?

A furry creature that likes to eat seeds, like acorns?A pollinator that visits flowers on the farm?A plant with curly leaves?A flower in bloom?A plant that smells good?A plant to put in a salad?A farm structure?A leaf that is lucky when it comes in fours?
There was a little space to draw one of your items.

I really liked this because it was pretty open ended, and the answers change from one point in the season to another, so each child can get their own answers and add to a nice learning experience.  It can even be revisited at various points in the season, to see what changes.