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Sharing a Good Book - A Spring Read Aloud - The Secret Garden

We are really enjoying the Secret Garden, and dd begs for 'just one more chapter'.  Though they are quite long.  I think we will take our book over to some nice gardens this week and read it in situ.  :-)  That would be a nice memory!  I can remember reading this when I was young.  Para ver ese entrada en espaƱol, pinche aqui.

A Killdeer Nest in the Ballfield

Today, completely by accident, we nearly landed upon a bird's nest, as we walked the dog out in the ball field.  It took us a long while to realize that this was even the case, even though we sat down not too many feet away, where we spent quite some time. 

My dd pointed out that the bird had unusually long legs, something which I also noticed, and which made me conclude that this was probably a shore bird, although we were not all that close to the shore.  I also correctly guessed that it was a plover - much to my own surprise.  I guess I am getting a bit more familiar with birds :-)

Upon returning home, I looked in my bird guide and decided that this was most probably a killdeer.  We went back later on, and found the nest with four little eggs, and took some photos (the old fashioned kind). 

I later looked up birds that nest on the ground, and was pleased to see that I had correctly identified my bird.  It is in fact a Killdeer, a very pretty bird up close.  I laughed when I r…