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Come study the moon with Us!

We are very excited as we are about to begin a study of the moon!  I have put together lots of different materials. has some excellent and simple explanations of the moons phases.  They were probably some of the most concise and straightforward ones I have read. I printed out each of them and read them over to get an understanding.  I then created a container story which I told to teach the topic during a lesson block on time.
Moon Phases Overview Waxing Crescent First Quarter Waxing Gibbous Full Moon Waning Gibbous Last Quarter Waning Crescent New Moon
I also came across this really neat simulation of the moon cycles.  Once you know the different phases, you can actually follow the image, seeing (and recognizing) each of them.

The Robins Return!

Today we spotted our first Robin of the season, as well as a woodpecker.