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Focus on Preschool

I use the term preschool very lightly.  It is simply the age I am referring to, and the thought that my attention has turned increasingly towards my younger child, who for the most part, engages in imaginative play of his own creation for the majority of the day.  The Power of Play has been well documented and is even the name of a book by David Elkind.  An excellent book.

I am trying to incresingly carve out 'his' time each day, and sit down and read a story, and do an added actitity. 

We started with the story of Shingebiss a few weeks ago.  This is a very lovely little Native American story about a hardy duck who defeats the cold winter wind.  We retold this story for a week and did small little activities, mostly just visiting our local ducks at the lake.

It is really wonderful to see how telling and retelling a story, and then subsequent re-visits really helps the story to become a part of the child.  They take ownership of it and use it in their play.

A Very Good School Day

How we struggle with rhythm, a.k.a scheduling.  It is our greatest struggle!  I have been attempting to create, with some success so far, some visual reminders of our need for such scheduling.  I have essentially made copies of the ones found here.  I found some other really neat visual aids here.  This does help, I notice, and I would like to expand this, to include a larger portion of our day.
Today, I was pleased.  I set out to really, really prepare last night, mostly mentally.  It is all about starting our day without too much hesitation and really recognizing what works best and how to modify things so they are smoother.  We did our lessons, mostly as planned, and that in itself is a major accomplishment.  We did our circle time, including the younger child, told a spontaneous story utilizing puppets, sang and did rhythmic tapping games, as well as fingerplays to work on the little one's fine motor skills.  We moved from there to reviewing Little Miss' lesson on calendar.…

Nuevo Estantería - Literatura en Español

He puesto un nuevo estanteria abajo en la pagina, que contiene libros disponibles en español.  Voy a añadir más titulos.

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