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Sharing a Good Book - Winter Read Aloud

We began reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at bedtime, and have been speeding through it.  The children are loving it, and even I find myself laughing hysterically at moments.  It really is a great, silly story, that children will love.  I think too many people opt for the movie instead of the book, but even the author himself had a thing or two to say about this ;-)  He wrote a very comical little poem about television.

Yo empecé leer este libro a las crias antes de que duermen.  Lo estamos acabando rapido, dado que está hiper-divertido.  Es un cuento clásico, muy gracioso, que a los niños les encantan.  Yo me encuentro riendo de alta voz, con frequencia.  Creo que mucha gente opta por la película en vez del libro; un tema sobre lo cual el autor mismo tuvo una opinión interesante. ;-) 
Many of Dahl's books are available in Spanish! (and other languages too.)

An Art Class for Mama ~ Una Clase de Arte Para Mamá

I have been working on improving my skills, and finally have a bit of motivation.  This one is from a book called Teaching with the Fables, a holistic approach.  My rendition of it at least.

Block Crayons & Fine Motor Development ♫♫ Los Colores de Bloque & el Desarollo de Motricidad Fina

In a previous post, I wrote about noticing how my ds holds crayons and similar items, and some things I had read about the reasons for this, and how to help.  We are experimenting with block crayons, and they seem to be the way to go, for now.  I have also seen little crayons in the shape of stones, which also are good for fine motor development.  When little man reached for a pencil the other day, I handed him one of these instead.  They totally do away with the need for 'proper grip' since they are incredibly short and square, perfect for a small little hand.
En una entrada recién, escribí sobre el asunto de como mi hijo agare lápices de color, y articulos parecidos, junto con información que he leído para ayudarle.  Hemos usado entonces los colores en forma de bloque , y parece que son una buena solución por el momento.  He visto también los colores en forma de piedras, que hasta mencionen que son muy útiles para niños con ese tipo de problema de motricidad.  La forma cuadra…

Sharing a Good Book - Compartiendo un Buen Libro

Muy adecuado para el invierno, o las epocas más grises...

A cute, simple tale for the winter.

Helping your Child with Proper Pencil Grip/ Aydudando a su Hijo Agarrar el lapíz Correctamente

I was a little surprised to notice how my youngest was holding his crayon recently.  He uses all five fingers in a way that is actually difficult to describe.  I decided to offer fatter crayons, skinnier ones, etc... to see if any would help the problem.  I tried to show him how to hold it correctly.  He tried, but could not, and held it pinched between the two appropriate fingers, but in a rather unusual way.  Nothing seemed to help remedy the situation.  I try not to bring much attention to it, although every now and again, I do gently tell prompt him, How do we hold our crayon?  He tries but he cannot.  I think I will even give up on telling him that, at least for now.

Me soprendí cuando vi como mi hijo menor aggaraba a los lapices de color apenas.  Usa todos los dedos, de una manera que es dificil describir.  Intenté con lapices más gruesos, menos gruesos, etc... para ver si el problema solo se resuelve.  También le mostré como aggararlo de la forma correcta, y lo intentó, pero re…

Revisiting my Bookshelf/ Revisitando mi Biblioteca Archivado

I am realizing how a blog can be a resource unto yourself, as I can search out some of those same wonderful books and activities for the second time around.

I have also updated the shelves a bit, as I neglected this for a long time.  I try whenever possible, to review all of the books we read.  The shelves are at the very bottom of the page. But here is the preschool shelf which we will be updating as we visit this again, with our youngest.

Shelfari: Book reviews on your book blog A Child's Garden of Verses by Robert Louis StevensonKnitty Kitty by David ElliottEach Living Thing by Joanne Ryder