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Autumn Apples - Manzanas del Otoño

We spent a few days in October, really focusing on the changes Autumn brings.  We took a trip to an apple orchard, which has become a regular annual tradition for us.  I think this is so important, as children have really become distanced from the processes involved in food production and other 'regular' household tasks of yesteryear, to the point where they really believe bread is just something that comes off a supermarket shelf wrapped in plastic.  These trips help the children to see and know, in an intuitive way, with no overkill of lecturing, not only where their food comes from, but the effort that goes into producing it.  It gives them a connection to the land that could otherwise easily be missed.  Today's children more than ever need these grounding connections, in an effort to counterbalance the fast and furious pace of modern life.

Besides, they love it!

Gastemos unos cuantos dias en octubre, enfocando en los cambios que trae el otoño.  Hicimos un pequeño viaje …

Table Top Puppetry ♥♥ Titeres de Mesa

One of the ways we often 'review' our stories for our lessons, is through tabletop puppetry.  We set up a scene from our story, using simple props: pinecones for trees (the flat bottomed sort), little peg people or felt dolls, or other 'people', animal figures, silk scarves (blue ones make great great rivers), felted wool playmats (a farm scene) and little wooden houses that the children have painted (often these are bird houses from the craft store.)  
Una de las maneras en que 'repasamos' nuestros lecciones, es por medio de titeres de mesa.  Formamos una escena, usando accesorios simples, como pinos, personas de madera o lana u otras personajes, figuras de animales (plasticas o de madera, telas de seda (azul forma un rio o lago perfecto), casitas de madera, que los niños han pintado.
We embellish this with little stones (flat ones that we have found at the seaside make nice stepping stones), and other little odds and ends.  
A eso añadimos piedras pequeñas (las …