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The Textures of Autumn - Las Texturas del Otoño

It's the time of year to pull out the woolens!

A Day Scavenging the Forest/ Un Dia de Busqueda en el Bosque

We spent the day, sort of impromptu, scavenging through the forest, seeing whatever we happened upon.  Acorns, all sorts of fungi, which has really become an interest suddenly, since our receiving a giant puff ball mushroom recently, and of course the birds and fauna that are there.

Beatrix Potter was an amateur mycologist, and some of her earliest writings are about mushrooms!

We will be attempting to identify some mushrooms in the next few days/ weeks.  Nothing extremely scientific or complex, just some collecting and print-making for comparative purposes.  Here is one resource for our 'study'.

¿Porque el Educar en Casa?

While homeschooling may not be the most popular educational choice within the Spanish-speaking community, it certainly is GROWING!

This is so important, given today's educational climate.  Hispanic students in the United States consistently receive some of the lowest marks on standardized exams, are often placed into special education, and have some of the lowest graduation rates.

If home education has helped African-Americans to score on par with White students, I am curious to see the statistics trickle in, in regard to Hispanic students.

Aunque el educar en casa no es la opcion más popular en el mundo hispano-hablante, las cifras estan creciendo! Eso es muy importante!
Tambien, es una manera clave ayudar a los ninos ser bilingues y estar orgulloso de ello, algo que curiosamente, y hasta tal vez, unicamente en los EEUU, esta mal visto.