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First Grade Language Arts Blocks

These were our drawings for the stories we did for introducing the letters.  It was good to go through them in this way, despite earlier exposure to the alphabet, which is almost unavoidable in the modern world, and certainly not a terrible thing either.

This was different though.  It was really taking the time to bring each and every letter alive through story and movement and verse, as well as other tactile and artistic experiences.  They did come to life in a more joyful, lively way, and many children at this age, do tend to mix up a lot of their letters.  I think it was enjoyable, even though there was definite overlap.  When issues of letter recognition did arise, as they do, the ability to recall a character, facilitated the recall of the sound. This was especially the case with W, and I would just always remind Miss of the Wise Woman from the World of Waves.

These were the drawings I presented, as well as some of hers, so there is both the child's pictures, which are simpl…

Summer Dreams

Summer is speeding by, and I have been in absentia rather intentionally, trying to be more present in the physical world, and less so in the virtual one, not always an easy task I admit, since the computer tends to call out to us moderners for so many different reasons.  But I have decided to look up things in books when possible, rather than run to google in front of my children every twenty minutes, and for this reason, the computer has been taking a summertime siesta!  I have found this necessary in our life, and will be trying to model this behavior increasingly in the near future.  When people discuss daily rhythms and schedules, I have finally come to admit (for I had long realized) that the computer was the number one thing killing any attempt at having a real daily rhythm.

Though we have had a rather local summer, I have had dreams of a far away place, of which I have fond memories.  The sand, the sun, the people, the sounds, the smells.  If I could jump into a painting, this …