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Global Girlfriend

I put a new shop link on the sidebar there - Global Girlfriend!  Check it out.  They have some absolutely fabulous things, and all made by women artisans in different countries.  Some of the stuff is just gorgeous.

Añadí un nuevo buton, una tienda - Global Girlfriend.  Sigue el enlace haciendo clic sobre la imagen.  Tienen cosas super geniales, y todas fabricadas por mujeres en various paises.

More on Reading - Más Sobre la Lectura

More wonderful quotes - wow!  I am excited to be finding evidence here to support play based learning, and from all sorts of resources at that!

Jawanza Kunjufu, in his book, Keeping Black Boys out of Special Education, states:

"The main goal of reading instruction must be comprehension...."

"Beginning reading instruction should...include listening to stories...making language-experience stories and books, composing stories in play, enacting dialogue, and reading and writing...books."

In sum, we can work at achieving comprehension by:

Listening to stories Making our own storiesMaking our own booksEngaging in play Re-enacting those stories.  

Let's get out our main lesson books, crayons and puppets!

Más citaciones maravillosas-¡wow!Estoy encontrando muchas pruebas academicas paraapoyar el jugar como base de aprendizaje!

JawanzaKunjufu,en sulibro, Manteniendo los Niños de Color fuera de la Educación Especial:

"Elobjetivoprincipalde laenseñanza de la lecturadebeser…

Learning through Story - Reading

I was very pleased and a little surprised to come across this in my reading, and so I thought I would share.  (I am always happy when I find little bits from scholars that give credence to the approach I have taken on education.  It is a little sigh of relief coupled with a feeling of yeah, just maybe I am doing something right.)
In their book, Einstein Never Used Flashcards, Pasek and Golinkoff talk about the building blocks of reading, in a section about literacy.  There are several keys that they point out as absolutely essential to reading, one is a good command of oral language.  This includes having an extensive vocabulary.

The second was Storytelling.  Yes!  Storytelling.
"It turns out that storytelling is one of the bridges that move children from language to reading."
The authors then cite research and testing results that further corroborate with the thought that learning through play and via story is in fact the best way to learn to read.

Aprender por medio de Cuentos…