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March Breezes - Brisas de Marzo

One of our activities recently was to make a calendar for the year, as part of our Nature Block.  While we have not yet finished, we did get a few months pages done, nicely and will return to this shortly.

We have certainly been feeling some of those shrill breezes ;-)

Birdcount Continued

Well, the robins returned last week.  It is so nice to see them hopping about, which Little Miss pointed out.  Then this morning in the field outside our window, there were tons of birds of all sorts.  There were little black birds, robins, and they were so VERY excited to see a cardinal in the group.  Even little man got to see him, and he often misses things like that, so he was definitely happy.  :-)

So we did a watercolor drawing with some watercolor crayons. We cheated a bit and used a template from Enchanted Learning.  Sometimes mama just needs to make life simpler.

First Grade Math - Matematicas de primera clase - Number Cards

We did these simple cards for our introductory math block and will use them for the four processes as well.  I had seen something similar done commercially, but they were very expensive.  We upcyclyed some watercolors to make them - very easy.

Adding Color to a Dreary Winter Scene

We just needed a bit of color to look at once again.

First Grade Math: Sums - Matematicas de primera clase

Here is something that I found pretty neat!  Triangle sums (and differences too.)  These are fact families, written on a triangle.  We used old watercolors, and cut them into little triangles.  Each corner gets one number.  It is a nice visual for the child to see that the three numbers are related.

Aqui es algo que pense era bien divertida!  Sumas en triangulo (y para restar tambien.)  Usemos acuerelas viejas y la cortemos en triangulos.  Se pone el numero en cada esquina, y es buena manera para el nino ver la relacion entre los tres numeros.