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The Great Backyard Birdcount

Here is an email I received - I just copied and pasted.  It is interesting and I imagine, can be done at different levels, for different ages, and modified for different educational approaches.

Winter continues to rage here in Ithaca, New York... but the birds have started singing on the warmer mornings, indicating that spring really is just around the corner!

Great Backyard BirdCount, Going on Now! For birdwatchers, there’s another reason that February is the month of love. No, I’m not suggesting that you send a valentine to that elusive Indigo Bunting (I doubt it would appreciate the sentiment). I’m talking about the Great Backyard Bird Count, or GBBC! Each year, bird watchers of all ages go outside and count the birds that they see. This gives Cornell Lab scientists a snapshot of winter bird populations and distributions all around North America. The GBBC is going on NOW through Monday. Beginning birders can easily participate, so if you can spare just 15 minutes to count birds, pleas…

Winter Nature Block - Unidad sobre la naturaleza en el invierno

We are beginning our nature block, trying to spend time out of doors, and at least the weather is behaving better ;-)

Things we are looking for:

1. Cardinals
2. Blue Jays
3. Other interesting birds
4. Food sources in winter
5. Signs of animals (tracks, nibbling)
6. Things to add to our winter wreath

We will be making some very simple paper puppets with a template from Enchanted Learning.  We'll glue them to a large craft stick.  Of course, this could be done by mama the day before, since it is not the least bit aesthetic, but it does give you a few pieces of info to weave into a nice story.