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Beauty and the Beast

We really enjoyed this version of Beauty and the Beast retold by Max Eilenberg.  It is set in the Victorian Era but otherwise true to the original tale.  Very well done.

Pinkdelicious ~ Rosadelicioso

Baking 101: Daddy Makes Cupcakes (with little miss of course)

and what a lovely Morello Cherry (all natural - thanks to Trader Joe's yipee! - hence a little fun and a lot of delish, without the junk).
To make the color for the icing, we try to use fresh vegetables with strong colors.  For the pink, we used a red cabbage, which we boiled with very little water.  I added this to the sugar mixture.  It really doesn't add any flavor.
Para hacer el colorante para el glaceado, usa verduras frescas con colores fuertes.  En ese caso, usemos un el repollo morado.  Lo herví con poca agua, para obtener un color concentrado, lo cual añadí a la mezcla de azucar para el glaceado.  Realmente no imparte ningun sabor.

There are Nine Planets in Our Neighborhood - Hay Nueve Planetas en Nuestro Barrio

We have finally finished up our Math Block and moved on to our second Language Arts Block.  Here are a few of the last photos (forthcoming) of what we covered.

Number Nine - The visible Planets was suggested for number 7 in our curriculum, but I thought that might be a bit confusing (Sun, Moon, etc...) and since 7 had so many options, and 9 so few, I felt it best to leave the planets for 9, and at some future time (light years away) we can discuss the controversy over Pluto.

There are 9 planets in our Neighborhood! 
And Miss M.  really enjoyed the little My Very Eager Mother Just Served Us Nine Pies.  I was surprised that she really recalled it and even the names of the planets so well.  I wasn't even sure if I was going to bother with the names and order, but she really wanted to know them, and after only one telling, had them down.

For anyone interested in painting a wall with chalkboard paint, as I did, here, you will notice that it is VERY difficult to clean really well.  :-(   W…

A Quiet Moment - Un Momento Tranquilo

I recently read something about the need to exhale so to speak, after taking in and taking in, and taking in, information, ideas, etc...  And me, well I do A LOT of that.  Constantly reading and looking for ideas, it was time to let some out.  So I spent an evening painting all by myself, after the goslings were off to bed (miracle!)  It really felt renewing!  These were actually done on two separate evenings, and both were inspired by paintings in books that I have on hand, but it is something to create it oneself, to add ones own perspective, and to achieve that sense of - I can.  I had done a few more watercolors, but I haven't yet a photo of them.  They are now on display on our shelf, adding to a sense of the season that is upon us.

More First Grade Math - Más Matematicas de la Primera Clase

Some pictures from our lesson block - Introduction/ Review of Numbers.  We did a few in Spanish, and are learning Mayan numerals alongside Roman and Arabic, since for us, it is more culturally relevant.  The Mayan numbers are rather straightforward.  There are many places you could find information on this, but here is one
Unas fotos de nuestro bloque de matematicas, que era una introduccion y repaso de los numeros.  Algunos, hicimos  en espanol.  Tambien estamos aprendiendo numeros Mayas junto con los Romans y Arabes.  Aunque existe muchos enlaces de numeros Maya, aqui está una.
The King, the Queen and their Baby are THREE! El Rey, la Reina, y su Bebe son TRES!
Three is a triangle. Tres es un triangulo
Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall Four seasons to share one and all!

Six is the honeycomb I eat with my bread! Seis son las abejas que la miel nos den.

Some practice drawing stars.  The five pointed one is finally doable for Miss M.
Seven had so many possibilities it was hard to choose.  We did the …

Winter's Icy Breath - El Suspiro del Invierno

A glimpse of beauty.
Un instante de belleza.