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First Grade Math

We introduced Roman numerals via a nice story about a shepherd tending his sheep and needing a way of counting them.  For V, we traced our hand, showing the V that easily makes 5.


We counted to 100 as we went for a walk, and then started to count backwards too.  Maybe we should walk backwards next time we do that.  ;-)
We then worked with some pine cones and acorns and things, and just played with them, seeing how many are five and so forth, and working out the different combinations that make up five.

We have begun to march out our two times table just counting, emphasizing every second number:

one, TWO, three, FOUR, five, SIX, seven, EIGHT....

I presented it as a frog hopping across two lily pads.  In our next warm up lesson, we will play a hopping game for this, and a table version, with a little beeswax frog or something.  

We began a little woolen sheep during one of our handwork lessons, making the frame with some pipe cleaners, and then wrapping some wool roving ab…

Confessions of a Bookaholic ~ Confessiones de un Biblioholico

Today we took a little trip to the public library in our neighborhood.  
Although, come to think of it, we were at the library yesterday too, but that was a different location.  We spent about an hour there, reading stories, making selections, and then finalizing those selections, since by that point, our little table was just about covered with books.  Now of course, they were all wonderful, and it is always hard to decide!  Some had gorgeous watercolors, others had sketches.  Some were new with shiny covers, while others were old with worn pages.  But I am certain they all had wonderful stories waiting to be told.  We brought them to the checkout woman, who suddenly announced,
"But you have 47 books on loan already!"
She suggested that we return some before taking any others home.  So we turned and left, with no new stories to carry home.  :-(

Hoy fuimos a la biblioteca publica en nuestro barrio, y despues de mas o menos una hora alli, habiamos encontrado varios libros bonitos…

What Happens in Autumn? ~ Que Pasa en el Otono?

We were able to take a few nice nature walks, but then the weather took a real dive.  We do try to go out everyday, but it doesn't always happen as we plan.  It just seems so cozy to stay inside.  We are trying to re-establish a good rhythm, and get back into our lessons with much heart and soul.  We decided to spend two weeks on our Autumn Block, and read some really wonderful stories.  One very cold afternoon, we just all piled together and read one after the other.  We read:

This has great pictures, if less than great text.

It was really a sweet moment to share....a memory in the making. Nuestro Bloque (Unidad) de Naturaleza en el Otono nos ha costado un poco tiempo y esfuerzo....hemos estados muy atrasados!!!  Fuimos a unas cuantas caminatas en el bosque, antes de que cambio hacia un frio drastico y rapido, el clima.  Intentamos salir de la casa cada dia, pero no sucede siempre.  A veces es mas comodo quedarnos adentro.  Estamos tratando re-establecer un ritmo bueno en nuestr…

Salt Dough Recipe and Decorations/ Masa de Sal Receta y Decoraciones

Well winter is nearly upon us, and suddenly, it is even beginning to feel that way.  Being stuck inside when we'd rather be outside doing our nature explorations led us to make some autumn and winter inspired crafts.  An attempt to hold on to autumn and infuse some last bits of her into our home.  Bueno, el invierno esta casi, y de repente se siente asi.  Teniendo que quedarnos en casa cuando queremos estar afuera en la naturaleza nos dio la idea de hacer unos crafts con el tema de esa estacion en que nos encontramos.
We had a recipe for salt dough, which is just your basic recipe (I used this years ago even, when I worked with children.)  Tuvimos una receta para masa de sal, que simplemente es la receta basica que use hace anyos cuando trabajaba con ninos.

Salt Dough 2 c. flour 1 c. salt 1 c. water
Masa de Sal 2 tazas de harina 1 taza de sal 1 taza de agua
Some recipes say to add a few spoons of oil, but it is not necessary.  You roll this out and cut with cookie cutters and bake at 200 de…

When it is Raining - Let it Rain ~ Cuando esta lloviendo, dejalo que llueve

Well our beautiful unseasonably gorgeous weather, has turned to rain and bleak skies.........

It reminds me of the Elsa Beskow poem that we have been reciting all November....

Gray is November,
cold as cold
wind and rain......

But then again, its not actually November anymore, is it?

Nuestra clima hermosa ha cambiado a lluvia.......

Me hace acordar de un poema de Elsa Beskow

Gris es noviembre
tan frio, frio
viento y lluvia....

Pero, pensando bien en ello, ya ni es noviembre, no?