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Nature Week - Una Semana en la Naturaleza

This week, our lessons focus on nature and autumn, so I figured we would just head outside, and really do something special and a bit out of the ordinary, because life sometimes just gets TOO ORDINARY!!!
We set off to find the oldest tree in our county, which actually isn't too far away.  

Well, the little goslings didn't know this until after we were at the park, but I was (am still) on a mission.  I had looked up information online, and nearly got discouraged.  But instead of giving up, which I nearly did, I really pushed myself out the door, seeing what an unseasonably gorgeous day it was.  
When we got to the park, we saw some park workers, and I asked one of them.  After about three people, who were all very helpful, we found someone who knew what I was referring to.  
Well, turns out, we were in the wrong part of the park, but that was okay.  I almost got into the car to drive to the other part, when it occurred to me, the longer the walk, the better - after all, it is

Off To See La Luna

A little Mexican lullabye to go with that theme:
Mira la luna
Comiendo su tuna;
Echando las cáscaras
En la laguna.
Aquel caracol
que va por el sol
en cada ramita
llevaba una flor
que viva la gala
que viva el amor
que viva la concha
de aquel caracol.
We took a little trip to a local astrophysical observatory on Monday, and saw Jupiter and her moons!  That was just too cool.  We stood in a long line of astronomy students, knowing very little about astronomy ourselves, but enjoying the unseasonably warm evening, the kids giddy because of the late hour....
and then we peeked into an enormous telescope to see a far off dot, that I would have imagined a star.
Fuimos a un observatoria astrofisico el lunes, y vimos a Jupiter y sus lunas.  Fue super padre!  Estuvimos alli entre muchos estudiantes de astronomia, sabiendo muy poco del tema nosotros mismos, pero disfrutando del aire en la noche con una luna brillante....

Learning to Write, Well Sort of - Aprendiendo Escribir, de una manera

Little Miss was playing store yesterday afternoon, and so after raiding my cabinets for items to line her store shelves with, she wrote a little announcement for her store on the chalkboard.  When I looked over, this is what I saw, and it was just so cute, I laughed out loud.  It was *perfectly* backwards, like a perfect mirror image.  (hmmn....???)  The sections of her store were just as cute, though it didn't occur to me to take a photo as well.  She had the foodstuffs lined up, then the dolly clothes.
Finally, the type of play I have been long awaiting is beginning to show its head once again.  Creative, imaginative, free play.

Sharing a Good Book - Compartiendo un Buen Libro

We enjoyed (re)reading this book, especially since we have been working with wool and with dyeing as of late.  We found it in our local library, hopefully you can too.  It is all about a shepherd caring for her sheep and her garden, and using the plants to dye the wool, and then weave it into a beautiful tapestry.

Ese libro se trata de tintar con plantas la lana de las ovejas, que se utiliza para hacer un hermoso tapiz.

The Budding Photographer's Trip to the Botanical Garden

Little miss seems to like taking photos of flowers, particularly.  So, this was a real treat - even part way through October, these were a pleasant surprise: