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On the Farm - En la Granja

We took a trip to a nearby farm to pick some apples and pumpkins too.  This year, we went to a different farm, which was lovely, and the weather was just wonderful!  We were excited to see some deer on the drive there, nibbling on some grass.  

The tractor was lots of fun!  Little Man's favorite part of the day.

Apples come from trees - go figure!  (not from the supermarket ;-)

Pumpkins!   You had to be able to carry it to bring it home ;-)

In the Land of the Peg People

We had some fun painting these, though with all the tiny features, it can be quite a challenge!  ;-)  They are great figures for all sorts of imaginative games and board games too.

 Divertimos pintar esos, aunque con todos los detalles pequenos, fue un reto! ;-)  Son buenos juguetes para cualquier juego imaginativo - y uno que los ninos pueden hacer ellos mismos o con un poquito ayuda.

Needle Felted Pumpkin - Calabaza de Lana

Well, at least needle felting is one handcraft that I find rather easy.  Here is a little pumpkin I made to bring a bit of Autumn in.  It fit nicely since we recently went to get some real pumpkins at the farm.  It was really quite simple.  I was happily surprised.
Minimo, felting con lana no encuentro tan dificil.  Aqui esta una pequena calabaza que hice para llevar un poco de otono a la casa.  Junto bien con el hecho de que acabamos de ir a la granja a recoger unas verdaderas.   Fue tan facil - me dio alegria poder hacerlo.  Me gustaria hacer varios arboles y mas cosas pronto.

Learning to Sew & The Importance of Handwork - Aprendiendo Coser y La Importancia de Trabajar con las Manos

I enjoy so many exceptional blogs written by so many TALENTED mama's.  They sew, they weave, they knit, sculpt, paint, invent stories.  And I feel like I have SO far to go, in those areas.  These things do attract me though, and I feel they are an important element in our lives - to slow down, to listen, to hear wisdom of century old crafts, to know origins.  
Obviously, some of these crafts come easier than others.  But here are some of my first efforts at sewing.  It involved a short, straight line.  Ha!  Can't get more simple than that I suppose.  I had bought the sewing machine at least a full year prior to actually pulling it out of the closet and using it.  Just threading it and getting that first stitch was a major hooray for me.  I am beginning to understand the benefits of handwork for children, seeing my own small results.
Felt Bacon Strips!

First Grade Work - Trabajo de la Primera Clase

Here is our first grade work thus far.  I am excited as it really gets underway, and especially when we have 'good' days.

Form Drawing - Our First Block

We began with straight lines and curves.  Which she enjoyed doing on the white board.  We were able to find the dry erase markers in a whole rainbow of colors, and someone had just given us the white board.  She enjoyed using all the colors!

After the white board practice, she did a good copy in her Lesson Book.  She isn't always thrilled about having to do it 'again.'  We are working on that.

We also did a little pedagogical story about a little boy who had to have a perfect garden, who only later came to appreciate the beautiful flowers, each of which were unique.

Disappointing Library Visit/ Visita a la Biblioteca Publica

I recently visited a different branch of our library system, only to return to our local one today, to realize that the book choices were a bit disappointing.  We spent an hour and a half there, and while I did find some long lost treasures, especially a picture book about dyeing sheep's wool.  Aside from that, and a few staple children's classics, I noticed that the local taste for books is, well, at least in my humble opinion.......... hmmmn.  what is the word even that I am looking for?  gimmicky? corny?  okay, granted, I am not a kid anymore, but how many copies of Walter the Farting Dog does the library need to carry?  and at the expense of what 'might' be considered real literature.  
I went to the library looking for some picture books about squirrels, autumn, and things along those lines.  I found one book, which we read last year, and I did like, but that was it.  I wanted to make a theme out of it.  I realize I have to use the interlibrary loan system to find …

The Farmer's House in Autumn

Here is the cake we made with Grandpa.  We tried as much as possible to have an autumn theme.  We wanted to decorate the background with the apples and pumpkins, but it was hard to get the cake to stand up.  :(  It was lots of fun anyway.

Aqui esta el pastel que hicimos con el abuelo.  Intentemos mantener el tema de otono, y quisimos decorar el plato como la granja, con las calabazas y manzanas, pero fue dificil quedarse de pie.  De todos modos era muy divertido y delicioso!

Marzipan Pumpkins - Calabazas de Marzipan

We made these with grandpa, to decorate an autumn house (cake) after spending the day at the apple orchard/ pumpkin patch (a first for him). We made little apples too, but I think they were eaten before they could be photographed. ;-)  I was really amazed at how quick and easy these were to make.  I had never worked with marzipan before.

Hicimos esas calabazas de marzipan junto con el abuelo, para decorar un pastel con tema de una granja en el otono - eso fue despues de estar un dia en la granja actual recogiendo manzanas y una calabaza - un primero por el abuelo.  Me soprendi mucho que tan facil eran de hacer, y que rapido tambien.  Fue primera vez trabajando con el marzipan.

New Puppet for Playscapes - Nuevo Titere para Tableau

Here she is!  A lovely needle felted old lady, who can take on an infinite number of roles, as suits the children's fancy.  She is available at my ETSY shop.

Aqui esta.  Una muñeca hecho de lana, que puede servir un sin fin de papeles en las imaginaciones de los pequeñuelos.  Esta disponible en mi tienda de ETSY.

Beginning First Grade - Empezando El Primer Grado

We began our school year with a pedagogical story about a little boy who wanted a *perfect* garden.  None of his flowers were just right.  Indeed, he was mad at them, and would pull them out and toss them aside.  Empezemos el año escolar con un cuento sobre un niño quien quizo el jardin *perfecto*.  Ningun de sus flores le gusto.  De hecho, se enojaba con ellos y hasta las arrancaba y las tiraba al lado.
We may need to revisit this story occasionally.  ;-)
Tal vez tendremos que revisitar ese cuento de vez en cuando. ;-)

I did a chalk drawing for the story, and Miss M. made a version of it in her lesson book.
Hice un dibujo en tiza por el cuento, y la pequeña hizo una version propia un su cuaderno.