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Sail Away, Sail Away, Sail Away.

I had found a wonderfully long piece of bark, I think it is birch.  At any rate, it was the kind that peels off the tree in long, thin sheets.  Habia encontrado una pedaza larga de la corteza del arbol, tal vez de abedul.

I called Miss M over and exclaimed, Oh look at this wonderful piece of bark.  We had it in the car for a few days before we actually went somewhere that we could use it.  One of the crafts in our Earthways craft book required a piece of bark, and I had wanted to make this for some time. We went to a lovely fountain, and I remembered the bark, et voila, we made some little boats and set them sailing. For some reason I imagined it would be more complicated, but some of the cutest things really are just so simple.  We made three little boats in about a minute a piece.  
Llame a Senorita M y exclame, ay mira ese pedazo hermosa de corteza.  Lo tuvimos unos dias en el coche, antes de pudimos utilizarlo.  Una de las actividades en nuestro libro de actividades, Earthways, req…

Play dough fun!

Little man thoroughly enjoys sticking his hands into the bowl of flour and just pushing it around, patting it down, and letting it fall through his fingers.  I was amazed at how each step in making the play dough was thoroughly enjoyed in its own right.   
El pequeno hombrecito disfruto mucho hacer nuestra propia plastellina.  Tan solo el recipiente de harina era suficiente divertido, y jugaba con eso, cayendo de sus manos, moviendo lo, sintiendo la textura.  Me asombro que tanto cada parte del proceso era un descubrimiento propio, entreteniendole por un buen tiempo.

Adding water added a new dimension of fun, as did color and scent (we put some lavender essential oil.)  Of course, the play dough itself was wonderful too.  Little Miss enjoyed making one of her favorite new forms - hearts. Here is a link to the recipe.
Al anadir agua, fue todo una nueva materia, tanto como el colorante y perfume (usemos aceite de lavanda que huele muy bonito cada vez que lo usan).  Y al final, el producto…

A Short List of Spanish Circle Time/ Storytime Resources - Una pequena lista de recursos en espanol para rimas y canciones

These are Spanish picture books mostly, and are chock full of rhymes and little poems.  I will add them to my amazon shop, so you will be able to browse them.
My Mexico - Mexico mio - this one has some really nice authentic artwork, in very soft, muted tones.

Pio Peep has even more variety of poems, (real traditional ones, as opposed to translations of English rhymes).  I personally find this very important, since rhymes have to do with history and culture, and thus one can learn a great deal through them, especially children, who will absorb these things in a natural way. 

Mamá Goose is very similar in scope and style to pio peep

Arroz con leche - again rhymes and poems, but very authentic artwork

Those might make a nice starter shelf for anyone wishing to add some Spanish to their daily routine or circle time.