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Beauty really IS everywhere - La belleza si se encuentra en todas partes

I stepped outside my door one evening recently, on what had been a dull, drab, overcast day, and saw something that made me smile and reach for my camera.  Some days I feel as though I struggle to find nature and beauty as I see more houses go up, more lots cemented over.... but this brought me a feeling of joy.  Moments such as these are what I try to share with little Miss, to share a sense of awe at the beauty of things that are around us (even in a semi-urban environment).  I think I just tend to say, Wow!  Look at that!  Isn't that amazing, and share a quiet moment in reflection.

Salí de la puerta de mi casa un día reciente, en lo que había sido un día gris y nublado, y vi algo que me hizo sonreir y buscar mi camera.  Algunos dias siento que es una lucha encontrar aun la naturaleza y belleza, ya que veo cada vez mas construccíon y lotes cubiertos con asfalto....pero eso  me trajo un sentimiento bonito. Son momentos de ese tipo que trato compartir con la pequeña, para demonstra…

A Wonderful Week - Una Semana Maravillosa

We discovered a cherry tree..............even in suburbia

We visited our ducklings and noticed their feathers are filling in.

We took a really special trip to a really special zoo - with some friends, and saw some elephants and camels, and tigers too.

We visited our ducklings again...and practiced riding our bicycles.

We read some stories, drew some pictures, made animals out of clay, painted and well....just played.

We visited an old farmhouse and made some butter, perfume, and cider, and cooked over an open fire.  Oh yes, and we picked lots of berries there too.
and now we are off to sleep and our week is through. *************************************************************************************

Descubrimos un arbol de cerezas....aun en la suburbia.

Fuimos a visitar los patitos, y nos dimos cuenta que ya tienen mas alas.

Fuimos de un viaje muy especial, a un zoologico especial, con unos amigos.  Vimos a elefantes, tigres y camellos.

Visitemos a los patitos de nuevo, y practiquemos a…

Chasing Fireflies/ En Busca de Luciernagas

We were able to spend the evening with relatives at a barbecue, the most relished part being the open space, the tree swing, some ducks that came for a visit, and the chance to see fireflies!  Little man figured out the tree swing soon enough, and thoroughly enjoyed the ride.  
The fireflies were also probably something new for him, and for little miss, well, we tried to catch them without harming them, but I think we may have squished a wing or two accidentally, before deciding to let them go.  I was reminded of doing the same, not so long ago, and how exciting it was to run around in the dark.  The children seemed to occupy a world parallel to the adults chatting around the table.  Now I am one of them, but for an instant, I feel like a child again.

Pasemos la tarde con familia y amistades, en una cena en el patio.  La más bella parte siendo el espacio abierto, un columpio colgado del árbol, los pa…

German Children's Song/ Deutsches Kinderlied/ Cancion Alemana Infantil

This is a little German children's song that I learned while I was in Germany.  I have made one simple change to it.  I thought to post this after reading my last song that I posted in Spanish, since it is basically the same song, but the German version.  It too, is to the tune of TEN LITTLE INDIANS.  The original German version, says eins, zwei, drei kleine Negerlein.  I have switched out Negerlein, since I find it  a bit offensive  and archaic.  Plus, it suits me better to switch up the song to reflect the moment.  You can basically substitute any number of words there, I usually do animals, as I did with the Spanish version.  This might also be a good way to go through learning a slew of animals with young children.  When you are out and about and see an animal, it would provide a very natural way of spontaneously learning language.
Here is a base version, using little ducks:
Eins, zwei, drei kleine Entchen vier, funf, sechs kleine Entchen sieben, acht, neun kleine Entchen Zehn Ent…

10 Little Duckies - Diez Patitos

We invented our own song to go with the duckling theme.  We are not doing any 'official' block on them, but we do go see them all the time.  Maybe I will try to turn it into something a wee bit more formal (very wee).  :)  But we did come up with a nice little song for it.  It's in Spanish and is to the tune of 10 little Indians, but its ducklings instead of Indians.  Very simple.

Uno, dos, tres patitos,
cuatro, cinco, seis, patitos
siete, ocho, nueve patitos,
Diez patitos en el agua.

Inventemos una cancion para juntar con nuestro interes en los patitos.  Es muy simple, y va al ritmo de 10 indianos.

Ducklings! - Patitos!

We had been without a working camera for the longest time!  (Could you tell - not much to post)  I was missing way too many photo ops, and just had to buy one.  Here are some gorgeous little duckies that we have been going to see every few days.  Today, we noticed they had more feathers, and are really starting to fill in.  We also learned by observing, that they like to eat mulberries.  So do we!  The smell of them reminds me of my own childhood.
No tuvimos una camera que funcionaba por un buen ratito ya.  Pero ya compre una nueva, y puedo poner fotos aqui en la pagina de nuevo.  Aqui ves unos hermosos patitos que hemos estado visitando cada par de dias.  Han crecido mucho, y hoy nos dimos cuenta que tienen mas plumas ya, y estan llenandose.  Tambien aprendimos por observarles, que les gustan comer unas frutas de la selva 'mulberries'.  Nosotros tambien.  Me acuerde el olor de ellos, de mi ninez.