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New Quote/ Neues Dichte/ Nuevo Refran

Imagination is more important than knowledge. La imaginaciĆ³n vale mas que el conocimiento. Die Fantasie ist mehr wert als Wissen. - Albert Einstein
You may have noticed that I recently changed the epigraph on my blog.  I think it is more in line with where I have come to be at this stage in homeschooling.  Things change, our homeschool life is very much fluid and moving forward and every other which way.  
It is interesting how  and where I initially saw this quote....I have since seen it many other places....but this epitomizes what it says.  Imagination is worth more than knowledge.  We were walking along the boardwalk at the beach last summer when a man on a bicycle went past.  He had on one of those old fashioned caps with the little helicopter spinner on top, sort of like dennis the menace or something from yesteryear.  His bicycle was even more eye catching, the sort of thing that made everyone stop, and total strangers smile at each other, and even laugh out loud, in a good natured …

Holistic Education and Learning to Read/ Educacion Holistica y el Aprendizaje de la Lectura

Yesterday, during a lecture in a graduate special education course, the discussion focused on children with reading, writing and spelling difficulties.  I was amazed to see how many things the professor stated, in terms of what good practice or necessary prerequisites for being a good reader are, and how many of them are already an integral part of a holistic approach to education, and at the same time, how many of these things seem so novel to educators.  
Two of the key points under becoming a good reader were *having a good memory* and * having a good attention span*.  I feel for the many children who are almost being set up to fail (without knowing it of course).  These are integral parts of holistic education (whether looking at Waldorf, Montessori or Reggio), Take memory work as an example.  It is common practice in Waldorf schools and homeschools to delay formal reading instruction, with more emphasis on listening skills and memory skills.  In Montessori, while there is a focu…

Educacion Alternativa/ AERO Conference

I just found this through a page by John Taylor Gatto that I was reading.  It is an amazing resource of is their own intro in their own words:

The Alternative Education Resource Organization (AERO) was founded in 1989 by Jerry Mintz. AERO is a branch of the School of Living, a non-profit organization founded in 1934 by Ralph Borsodi. AERO's goal is to advance student-driven, learner-centered approaches to education. AERO is considered by many to be the primary hub of communications and support for educational alternatives around the world. Education Alternatives include, but are not limited to, Montessori, Waldorf (Steiner), Public Choice and At-Risk, Democratic, Homeschool, Open, Charter, Free, Sudbury, Holistic, Virtual, Magnet, Early Childhood, Reggio Emilia, Indigo, Krishnamurti, Quaker, Libertarian, Independent, Progressive, Community, Cooperative, and Unschooling. One of AERO's areas of expertise is democratic proc…