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The Moments Childhood is Made of

I just had to post as I sit here checking some emails and things, and her Miss M. conducting story time with Little Man, songs, rhymes and even a story (which she is making up as she goes).  It was just too cute.  Imitation truly at work.  :)  It is amazing to see what she has absorbed simply through repetition.  I am pleasantly surprised.
Tuve que escribir, porque mientras que estoy leyendo unos correos electronicos, escucho que Senorita M. esta haciendo el 'circle time' con el nino, todo desde canciones, rimas, y hasta un cuento (que tengo que anadir - esta inventando)  Todo fue muy gracioso.  Es asombroso ver (escuchar) lo que ha aprendido solo por medio de repiticion

Bringing in Bits of Winter

I have not had as much time to focus on our Winter display as I did for our autumn one, but have pulled a few things together here and there. I started to make a felted bear, but we lost him....hopefully he will turn up soon.

No he tenido tanto tiempo para eso como el otono (o tal vez la inspiracion) pero hemos colectado varias materias representativas de la epoca.Empeze un oso de lana pero no le encuentro...

We made a little cave and 'steingarten'.   Hicimos una cueva y steingarten (jardin de piedras).   The missing bear.  This was my first needle felted project, and it was so easy, I was just thrilled.

Getting out and Enjoying Winter/ Disfrutando el Invierno

We have been trying as much as possible to get outdoors, though, sometimes that is much easier said then done, especially when the sky is overcast  and ominous - bah humbug!  But here are some moments that we managed to capture in between.

Hemos intentado disfrutar lo mas posible el invierno, qunque no ha sido facil cuando se mire hacia afuera y todo es gris...sobre gris...sobre gris.

A trip to times prehistoric

Last Sunday, we had some time on our hands, and it was a beautiful sunny day, though freezing cold, and so we decided, quite spontaneously, to go and do something fun and out of the ordinary.  We found ourselves driving to the city to see some dinosaurs, a particular favorite of Little Man.  These giant creatures never cease to amaze me.
El domingo pasado, tuvimos un poco de tiempo libre, y ya como fue un dia soleado (aunque helado) decidimos de repente irnos a la ciudad y hacer algo fuera de lo comun.  Fuimos al museo de historia natural a ver los dinosaurios, lo favorito del ninito.   Esas creaturas gigantescas nunca dejan de asombrarme!