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Once in a Blue Moon

I thought it was funny that I said to dh, oh look how bright the sky is tonight, only to come online and read that is the biggest and brightest full moon of the year, and since that was the topic of my very first blog post, a little over a year ago, I thought I would post on that topic tonight.  :-)  It seems each month's full moon has a name, and here was an interesting website about moon-lore and legends, and of course, there is always NASA too.  I remember being on the beach in Spain trying to capture an image of it over the sea.
Hoy es la luna llena mas brillante del anyo.  Me acuerdo de estar en las playas espanolas, tratando capturar la imagen de ella sobre el mar.

I think I can....I think I can

I realize that most posts (and most of our work) is about Miss M. but here is what Little Man found to do while we were busy.  I thought it was cute, since he had to take the books and toys off the shelf, and practically stand on tip toe to do it, but he was thoroughly entertained for a good while.
Me he dado cuenta que la mayoria de lo que escribo (y la mayoria de nuestro trabajo) en este momento enfoque en la nina, pero me heche un ojo al pequeno senor, y es lo que vi.  Habia quitado todos los libros y puesto sus trenes.  Lo mas gracioso es que tuvo que estar de putitas para jugar alli, pero aun asi, le entretuvo un buen rato.

Alphabet Bread/ Pan de Alfabeto

This was a simple whole wheat bread recipe, which I would like to say that I make a bit more regularly, (like every week), but, unfortuanately, I don't.  I have learned a few things about bread lately though, thanks to my good friend, Mrs. Chef, who helped me to realize that my pan was what was wrong, and the reason all my bread was coming out badly (smelled like beer - the metal and yeast were oxidizing!)  We tried a gluten free sandwhich bread, but will have to try that recipe again, since, of course, it oxidized.  The letters were about the only things that came out well, since they were made free hand, by rolling 'snakes' of dough on the table.

Esa receta fue suficiente sencilla, un pan integral, que me gustastaria poder decir que hago mas frequente, pero no es el caso.  He aprendido sin embargo, unas cosas sobre el pan en si, ultimamente, gracias a una amiga que es chef.  

First the Dessert and then the Dinner!

Well, darling hubby made a wonderful dessert - a flan, which on his second attempt in recent times, I must say, came out much better.  The last recipe had too much cream cheese, which seems to be a new trend in flan recipes, but came out quite like a cheesecake as opposed to a flan.  Then I made some nachos and we had a lovely little Mexican Fiesta Friday night, which was way better than take out (which we have been trying to avoid).  And by the way, took very little effort.  ;)

Bueno, mi esposo hizo un flan, en su segundo intento recien, y esa vez, salio mucho mejor y mas al flan original, sin queso crema, que es de moda ultimamente en las recetas de flanes.  Despues yo hice unos nachos y tuvimos una fiesta mexicana el viernes pasado (bueno una cena mexicana) que fue mucho mejor que comida rapida, que he estado tratando evitar.  Ademas, fue facil y rapido.

Hours of Play

After a tiny bit of inspiration from a story scene on someone's blog, I offered Miss M. some very simple materials last night, when she seemed unable to figure out what to do with herself -  a very common occurrence lately, which nearly has me at my wits end.  (Go play is almost a punishment it seems.)  She was excited though to have new 'materials' to work with, and amazingly, her imagination took off, with very little in the way of suggestions on my part.  I intially suggested that she re-create the story of Briar Rose that we had just read, which she did very briefly and then moved on to other things.  I almost interfered a number of times (big bad habit) but really tried to hold back.  She was doing exactly what I wanted her to do - create - imagine - play.  She went through a number of stories and was so engrossed with this, that we ate around her setup on the kitchen table which she continued on.  (She had to finish putting the swing together.)  I realize that it is …

A Doe - A Deer - A Female Deer

It is good to have songs to refer back to for comprehension.  We read a story about a deer, and when I mentioned the doe, Miss M. commented - oh - like the song.  Well, here is a winterscape chalk drawing with a little verse for the sound of D.  (beginning, middle, and end).  We used this same drawing for another verse too, which is part of a months poem that we are learning -

January brings the snow, makes my feet and fingers glow.

De verdad, es bueno tener canciones para ayudar con compresion.  Leimos un cuento sobre un venado, y cuando mencione la mama venado (doe), Miss M. commento, oh - como en la cancion.  Bueno, aqui es una escena del invierno junto con el verso que estamos haciendo para el sonido de la letra D.  Usemos el mismo dibujo para otro verso, que es parte de un poema para aprender los meses

Enero trae la nieve, que hace mis dedos y pies ---?

Wooden Toys from Mexico

A friend of ours gave us some wonderful gifts on our recent trip to Mexico.  She is a kindergarten teacher there, and is also aware of my 'peculiar' toy requirements.  ha ha.  This was one of the puzzles, which I thought was just adorable and also reflects a bit of the local culture, since 'el gallo' is very prominent in stories and tales from Mexico, as well as just ubiquitous in the countryside and lives of the people there.  I thought to post this since many people go to Mexico for vacations, but not many are aware of some of the wonderful artesenal toys that are still handmade there.  So next time you are in Mexico, you will have something new to be on the lookout for.  ;)  If I find some of the other ones that we have, I will try to post them.  They range from wooden tops, puzzles, and the like.

Una amiga nos regalo este maravilloso rompecabezas en nuestra ultima viaje a Mexico.  Ella es maestra del jardin infantil, y sabe de mis 'peculiares' requisitos par…

Grinding Wheat/ Molinando trigo

We used a mexican 'metate' to grind some wheat berries into flour.  We were able to discuss some things we remembered from Eric Carle's story, The Pancake, where Jack takes his wheat to the miller.  We also wondered how long it would take us to grind enough wheat to make some bread, but luckily we had some flour from the store, so we didn't have to do that.  ;)

Usemos un metate mexicano para hacer harina del grano de trigo.  Hablemos del libro de Eric Carle "The Pancake" donde Jack lleva su trigo al molinero.  Tambien tratemos adivinar cuanto tiempo nos tomara hacer suficiente harina para hacer un pan, pero afortunadamente, tuvimos harina que compremos en el supermercado, entonces, no lo tuvimos que hacer.  ;)

Autumn Leaf Cookies/ Galletas de Otono

Autumn Leaves Come Falling Down

Autumn Leaves come falling down, falling down, falling down
Autumn leaves come falling down,
red, yellow, orange and brown.

Las hojas del otono estan callendo
estan callendo
estan callendo
rojo, amarillo, anaranjado y marron.

My rendition and hers.

Bringing Autumn In, and then Saying Goodbye

I never got around to posting this while it was actually autumn, but we just now finally moved the things and changed our display around anyway, a bit late perhaps, but so are most things we do ;)

We had collected some things over the course of the season, a giant leaf from a nature walk, some indian corn from the market, some pumpkins, some branches, etc...

Nunca tuve la opportunidad durante el otono poner esas fotos, pero aqui estan, nuestra 'ventana' de las estaciones.  Pusimos las cosas que encontremos en las caminatas (casi) diarias, y unas cuantas otras cosas de la estacion.  Ya que, por fin, las estoy cambiando para poner las cosas del invierno - tal vez un poco tarde, pero que no hago asi.