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Snow Days!

Well, we had quite a snowfall not too long ago, and took advantage to enjoy what winter bequests us.  It was exhilarating to get out into the snow - so much better than looking out the window at dull gray skies and dreaming of summer.  I just love those long shadows cast on the snow by the trees.  We can't wait for the next snowstorm!

Pues bien, tuvimos mucha nieve hace no tanto, y salimos a disfrutar el invierno con todo su ofrezca.  Fue super bien salir en la nieve, mucho mejor que mirar hacia afuera por la ventana y pensar en el verano.  Me encanta las sombras hechas en la nieve por los arboles.  Esperamos la proxima nevada con ganas.

Our Head in the Clouds

We spent a good deal of time learning about clouds, in a very leisurely way, revisiting the topic over many weeks, at Miss M.'s interest.  We painted clouds, read stories about clouds, took lots of photos of them too, which she really enjoyed.  (Future photographer???)  We kept track of the kinds of clouds we saw over the course of a week or so as well, nothing too scientific - just wispy, rainclouds, puffy clouds, and whether they were high or low in the sky.  (Curiously, the Latin names for them simply mean puffy, etc... anyway.)  I figured the point was the distinction and learning to observe differences and just enjoying watching them.  We laid in the grass and tried to find shapes in the clouds and watched how fast or slow they went by.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

Gastemos un buen rato aprendiendo sobre los nubes, de una forma muy relajado, visitando el tema durante el curso de varios semanas, cuando el interes se manifesto.  Pintemos los nubes, leimos cuentas sobre ello…