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A Beautiful Autumn Day

We have just been trying to get outdoors as much as possible and experience the season.  Some days this is easier than others.

Guess What this Is/ Adivina lo que es....

I smelled this before I ever saw it, strangely enough.

Lo oli antes de verlo, curiosamente.

Hansel & Gretl

Okay, so even the modified version of this story was much to scary for Little Miss, who begged me to not read any further!  (Well, that taught me a bit or two about selecting stories).  But we were able to forget about the scariest parts of the story and decorate a little house made of cake, which she actually did all by herself!  And thankfully, we had just been invited to a friend's party so that we didn't have to eat very much of it either ;)  The cake itself was actually the new(er) line of Betty Crocker Gluten Free mixes and wasn't bad at all. 

Ya bien se que aun la version modificada del cuento Hansel y Gretl es muy espantuoso. Bueno, por lo menos aprendi algo sobre elegir libros para ella.  De todos modos, agarro la parte mas bonito del cuento y hizo ese pastel en forma de casa, que decoro solita!  Que bien que unos amigos nos invitaron a una fiesta para no comerlo todo!

Autumn by the Lake/ Otoño por el Lago

We thoroughly enjoyed our nature walk!
Realmente disfrutemos de nuestro caminata en la naturaleza!

The Kingdom of Childhood/ El Reino Infantil

Mud Pie Cake

This is actually from a beautiful sunny day, early last Spring.  It is nice to look back and see and remember.  The children had such fun creating this and seemed to enter a world of their own in doing so.  They worked together so peacefully (something that doesn't always happen  ;)  and became totally engrossed in their little project.   

Esa foto actualmente es de un dia hermosa, temprano en la primavera pasado.  Fue bonito mirar hacia atras y acordar.  Los ninos disfrutaron tanto crear esa, y en el proceso, entraron a su propio mundo, por decir lo asi.  Trabajaron tan bonitos juntos (algo que no occure con frequencia) con una tranquilidad y enfoque enorme.

Trying to catch a fish

Crayon Rainbow/ Arco Iris de crayolas

Another one of those moments that was just too cute. Little Miss was working away at something in a totally engrossed way, and when I looked over her shoulder, this is what it was.

Watson, it's a Contraption!

I was exited to come back to the table and see this being made after only having left a few minutes earlier. I ran and got my camera to snap a picture. It is things like these, those moments of self-propelled creativity, where it all comes together and I sit back and say, yes, it is so worth it.

Estuve tan contenta regresar a la mesa y ver, solamente unos minutos despues de que me habia ido, tanta creatividad. Fui por mi camera (claro) para agarar el momento. Son cosas como esas, creatividad que nace por si mismo, que me hace sentir que si, todo vale la pena.

Once I Caught a Fish Alive

Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of the finished drawing. I thought I did, but I can't seem to find it. This was the drawing I did for some counting rhymes that we did, since they mentioned a fish. I got the idea for the drawing from the book Over in the Meadow, which we also read. These seem to be getting easier with practice (but of course!) The baby loved this one, and kept pointing to it and saying, ish, ish, ish. :)

Desafortunadamente, no tengo foto del dibujo ya terminado. Pense que si, pero no lo encuentro. Hice ese dibujo para unas rimas que aprendimos, que mencionaron peces. El idea para el dibujo viene del libro Over in the Meadow, que tambien leimos y es una bonita rima de Inglaterra. Los dibujos ya me salen mas facil, claro, con mas practica, porque no. El bebe encanto a esa, y cada rato lo senalaba y dicia algo parecido a pez, pez, pez....