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October nearly done

I am finding it good to sit and reflect at the end of each month. It is a good way to assess if we are meeting our goals, which are very loose as is. Of course, October through us a few more curves, but still, we managed. Today, we went on a nice excursion to an orchestra for children and then to the playground with some fellow homeschoolers. That was a nice treat. There are times when I see myself needing to go with the flow, and times where I worry if I should pull in the reins a bit more, and then I step back and remember, this is kindergarten. I have just started reading David Elkind's book, The Power of Play, which is helping me in that regard (i.e. all those days that I sometimes feel are not structured enough). It is an excellent book that brings me back to my 'core self.' (to borrow a phrase from a friend.)

Alphabet Wall Cards

I got this idea from a school's website. It is really very simple. I have made these to put up in our work area, as a visual aid. I think they look nice up on the wall. They were really simple to make. I used a block crayon, although the side of a regular crayon would work just as well. I made the frame of the circle just by shading, then I drew the letter in a different color, it was all freehand, and drew the little figures. I did this on drawing quality paper (actually it is strathmore drawing paper, which has a nice creamy color to it). That's it!

Recibí esteideade lapágina de internetde una escuela. Son cosas muy simples, pero se ven bonitos en nuestra área escolar, y tambien sirven de unaayudavisual.

Son faciles dehacer.Utilizandobloques de colores, se forma un nube o marco para la letra, y con otro color la letra mismo.  

Después, puse pequeñas figuras basado en la letra (esas estan en ingles.)

Eso es todo!

One Hundred Books for One Hundred Days ♪ Cien Libros por Cien Dias

Last year, we set a goal of reading 100 books for 100 days, or basically, to read a book per day (school days).  We certainly reached our our goal, although we have about 75 titles written down.  We tend to read some of our favorite stories over and over, which I feel is very good for young children, and even for myself.  How often I notice things about a story on the third or fourth reading that I totally missed on the first reading.  It really helps the stories to become a part of us, as well as part of a repertoire of stories that we can later tell spontaneously, since we then know them very well.  This is very important for young children, both the having familiar stories and having stories spontaneously told, perhaps with the aid of puppets or other little props.
This gave us a fun challenge to work towards and something to celebrate for our one hundredth day! Hooray! Browse through our bookshelf. I have tried to comment on as many books as possible, time permitting.
El año pasado,…

Storytime with the Flannel Board

We told a story about a little girl in the garden - the end of the season. This is what we came up with for our flannel board illustration. Little Miss put the grass while I made the girl. I find this so hard and wish I could improve my skills in this. Maybe with some more practice.