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Looking for Micawber

Not too long ago, we walked through central park, right off of 59th street at the columbus circle entrance and past the carousel. Miss M. nearly dragged me up the hill to the carousel, not to ride it, but to look for the squirrel artist in residence, since we had just finished reading a delightful book, Micawber, by John Lithgow. This is a wonderful introduction to art, Central Park, and the Met Museum.

Tacos for Lunch

The food was definitely the best part of our trip to Mexico. Maybe we can replicate some of it.

Chicken Tacos

Some very delicious tacos: very different from American style tacos.

Aztec Soup

Some Aztec soup we had at a restaurant: This is a really delicious broth with chopped fresh cilantro and onion and cubes of cheese mixed into it. It is so flavorful and mozzarella cubes would work well, I think.


This is made by cutting corn tortillas into triangles and letting them air dry. You can then fry (or oven fry them). You then put chicken, Mexican red sauce (try Herdez brand or something similar, since this is not what one would normally think of as 'salsa'). Top that with shredded chicken and lots of cheese and stick it under the broiler.

F - Feathers

These are really wonderful because they are soooooo simple. Here we just glued some feathers that we had onto the letter F. Feathers for Lunch would be a nice story to go with it.

E - Eggshells (and rainbows?)

Miss M. insisted on coloring this one all the colors of the rainbow. Then we put the eggshells on top of that.

D is for Dots

Here is the letter D decorated in crayon with dots.

C Colors and Curlicues

We decorated the letter C with a bunch of colors and then covered it in black to scratch out some curly designs.

B is for Bubbles

Here is the letter B. I will post a bunch of these at once, since I havent been posting lately.

This is letter B decorated with a bubble mailer, since B is for Bubbles.

A: Apples

Letter A

We have been using a very fun and simple resource - the little hands series - alphabet art. I will post all the letters as we do them.

To make this letter, you cut out the letter from a paper plate. The child will then make prints that are supposed to look like apples using a carrot with a little niche cut into it. After the paint dries, you can draw in the stem.

A Summer Tradition/ Tradiciones del Verano

We drove out to shore this afternoon - a real summertime, sort of thing to do. We had lots of fun...I think. I hauled two tons of stuff down to the water front, and what seemed like double that amount at the end of the day, back to the car. The baby ran away from each and every wave, and when I tried to take him into the water, he shrieked. Little Miss did the same. But she added that she didn't "care for seawater". I had to laugh. So she dug in the sand instead, making trenches and pools and burying her friend up to his neck. At the end of the day, we showered in ice cold water, only for them all to rollick in the sand again, while us moms chatted and watched the sunset over a -by-that-time- serene beach with pale sand that stretched out about a quarter mile to the what looked like a painted shoreline. But of course, that is what memories are made of.