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Down by the Shore

Sunflowers reaching up to the sky,visited by buzzing bees and butterflies.Smiling down as I stroll by.

We visited a lovely historic park on the shore, and found some beautiful flower gardens. We had the best of everything it seems, the beach, an urban forest, and a gorgeous sunny day.

Firefly Watch!

A Nighttime Stroll on a Summer Evening

We began our firely watch last night on an evening walk to the park. It was nice to be in the park in the cool dusk and see the last rays of sun in a purple sky. Then, with a little patience, we began to see some fireflies (and a few fireworks too.)

We hope to make this into a full summer-time lesson, with a few additional, related activities.

For starters, we have a few stories about fireflies, and the Museum of Science (Boston) website about how to participate in the watch.

Firefly Watch Website:

Some Books on this Theme

There is a Wonderful book called The Fireflies by Max Bollinger that I have from my own childhood. It seems it is out of print.