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Autumn Tree Planting

I have been meaning to fix this post since I first began this site. Somehow it was not listed as a post. So, many months later....

We had a great time planting autumn trees.


Together We Plant a Tree

Our Baby Pine Tree

Many Hands Make Light Work

Chalk Flowers

Flowers in the Forest

I did a chalkboard scene for a seasonal story.  Here are the flowers up close. They took some fiddling with, but in the end, simple was best.

Flannel Bird

We read a story about birds migrating and tried making a flannel picture. We got as far as the bird. I have since gotten a few books on making flannel story boards with wool roving and will work on this a bit more.

Chalkboard Art!

Child with Sailboat

Hoorah! I finally did it.

I was so hesitant and actually nervous to do a chalkboard drawing. Yet, with a little effort and some time, it was actually very simple. I worked on this slowly over a number of nights and even fine tuned it over the weeks. (Every time I would stop and look at it.)

My first hesitation had to do with the chalk itself. I was very worried that I needed 'special chalk' which I finally did order, but after having already done the majority of the drawing. So, that being said, let me say what I think of the different chalks. I began with some jumbo sidewalk chalk from crayola, that I happened to have in nearly every color. In fact, most of this drawing is done with that chalk. I added some details with some other colors that I had from Ikea. Then, my Mercurius chalk arrived:

You can get this at a number of internet retailers, including oompah toys.

It definitely does have some ve…