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Showing posts from April, 2009

Hello Spring

Are you really here? It seems you are not sure. Tell the drab gray clouds to be on their way!

More Alphabet

Here we made playdoh letters. We need to do some more of these. Little Miss enjoyed them, and they were quite good.

Flannel Board Creations - Bears

I was not too consistent with posting during the late winter months, but here are a bunch of different things we did with our flannel board. My flannel board talents are very limited, but we are trying. I watched a video on how to make some felted items, which I am thinking to do to keep as story props, so that we dont have to reinvent the wheel every time we tell a story.

Here was a bear we made for a winter nature story about a bear looking for its den. Well, its spring now, and the bear woke up. That was just a teddy bear in a cardboard box.