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Showing posts from March, 2009

Goodbye Winter

Yesterday we had snow. Today was quite cold, although the weatherman informed me otherwise. Blah! and Bah Humbug too!

Life has been sidetracking us from all of our wonderful homeschool plans - but I read that it is not us alone, and that helps me to feel better, or at least, not to feel so disheartened. I shall carry on, and see where we left off. I was beginning to wonder if I would have to school straight through summer, but I don't think I would even seriously consider such. What we achieve we achieve and that is that. I sometimes get on myself for not doing more, and then I have to step back and look at what we have done, and it really is a great deal. Especially since learning happens everywhere!

Midnight Musings

...after a long silence. I logged on to catch up to the world of homeschool blogs, the few that I follow from time to time. The past month has been so hectic and our homeschooling has really fallen into an unschooling sort of pattern, and I think I am learning to accept that finally and just sail with it.

Spring could not come soon enough. We so need to spend more time out of doors and in fields and woods and ponds and lakes....