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Mama Goose and Goslings visit the Geese

Well, we are trying to get back on track with things - though today, I realized the wisdom of keeping it light, so I began my morning by reviewing a website called Teaching Wonderment, just to give myself a reminder and insight into what childhood is all about. This being the case because Little Man just had his second hospitalization this school year.

I just let Little Miss and Little Man play all morning, and they played very well together for the most part. (I only had to referee a minimal number of cries and complaints ;)

In the afternoon, we were about to sit down and do something more 'serious' when I decided we would drive to the lake and visit the geese (observe them technically) and this we did. The idea was that Little Man would be lulled to sleep and finally succumb to a very late nap time on the drive there. This never happened - but at least he was pretty cheery. We read our Goose Nature Story - Coming Home, while watching the geese and filming them. I thou…