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Kate and the Beanstalk

We read this story, a softer version, in terms of the artwork, of Jack and the Beanstalk, ans wound up discussing Giants as somewhat of a theme or topic for a number of days thereafter. We covered everything from David and Goliath to the pre-Noachian Flood Giants, to giant dinosaurs, as well as a few poems here and there.

We made a beanstalk to cover a closet door - one of our makeshift "bulletin boards".

This lent itself nicely to measurement style math activities as well.

All Aboard the Learning Express!

We are still enjoying our winter break. I decided to extend it an extra week. So we will start back to our regular (though somewhat modified) school activities on Monday. We really needed this break, to regroup and unwind.

I have also been sitting up composing our curriculum for the rest of the year. I think I have really gotten a feel finally for what we are able to do as well as what I would like to do. (After much reading and research, as well as trial and error).

I am at a comfortable spot in terms of knowing what I would like to do and where I would like to be. This is a major accomplishment in itself, considering many months of self doubt.

Smiley Pizzas

Little Miss and some friends got together this past Friday for a playdate. We made some smiley faced pizzas and chocolate cupcakes.

Pepperoni is the newest 'cool thing.'

The Adventures of Polo

Little Miss and I loved this book, and I really appreciate the fact that she can 'read' it all by herself. It really entertained her for hours, and the story is always different!

It even inspired her to create her own version: