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Winter Break

We went down to the lake the other day. It was gorgeous - unseasonably warm! We just walked around the lake, watched the ducks, and took in the air and aroma of it all.

I should do that far more often.

Paper Snowflakes

I tried to post this the other day and don't know what I wound up doing. Anyway, we had a nice afternoon of making paper snowflakes. I had to look online for instructions, and found some simple, easy to follow instructions on how to make snowflakes here:

I tried some other sites, but I think this one had the easiest instructions.

I don't think I've made a snowflake since I was in grade school!

See the Snowflakes Falling Down!

Miss M. is content to look out the window, watching the snowflakes falling to the ground. It is funny how watching the snow fall, especially the first snow, makes you almost giddy.

See the snowflakes falling down, falling down, falling down
Slowly they drift to the ground, to the ground, to the ground
Whirling, twirling, round and round

hmmm, I need a last line.

Snowflake Cookies

We spent the afternoon making pizza, and afterwards, sugar cookies. Little Miss can just about make the cookies all by herself, I was very surprised. The phone had rang at one point, but she just carried right on, rolling the dough into a ball, rolling it out with the rolling pin, and cutting out the snowflakes. It got so late, I had to send her off to bed, and so I sat there dipping them all in icing myself. I thought a light ice-blue an appropriate color, though I am not a big fan of food coloring. I did find some natural colors last time I was at whole foods, but it was a bit over my price point ($20) yikes! I will have to get more creative - find some red onions and boil the skins maybe. I will have to try that out next time.

I will have to put a picture.


Well, I got to see the moon, at seven this evening, as I ran out to do some errands. I looked up briefly to see a brilliantly white moon staring out from behind some clouds. And now just a bit ago, just past midnight, as it was directly overhead. I must say though, that for some reason it actually seems further away, rather than closer.

Here is a strange fact that I just learned. The beach is more polluted during a full moon, with its accompanying high tide, than at other times during the month. hummmmmmmmm.

Biggest Full Moon of the Year

Tonight will be the biggest full moon of the year - a Perigee Moon. Maybe we'll go for a moonwalk, which won't be too difficult since it's been getting dark at about four. I'll have to see what time moonrise is at.

Photo credit: NASA

A Cold, Rainy, Wet, December Day

They are all asleep and I roam the computer mindlessly, reading blogs, here and there, gathering tidbits that perhaps I will use, and so I decide to create a blog and join the 21st century, perhaps....

It is late, and I think I stay up just because they are asleep. If I utilize these moments, albeit non constructively, I have still gained some moments of my own. I am tired. It is late. I should go to sleep or at the very least, do something constructive (i.e. the pile of work that awaits me) but, no, I'll do something highly un-useful for the moment. I will dawdle on the computer.