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Learning Everywhere - But NOT Didactic

I was at Trader Joe's yesterday (and probably every other day too) and noticed a new piece of artwork in the art gallery ... I mean store.

I had to snap a picture of it.  I love that they take the time to do things like this.  I love that my kids can learn just by absorbing things in their environment (not overly didactic - just kind of like..."hey look at this.  Isn't this neat?  Look at all these kinds of apples.  I wonder what is different about them.  Let's try a new one."

Wonder = Childhood = Learning
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Teaching Photosynthesis

Creating a colorful drawing and having the child label this is a multi-layered learning experience that will deepen their knowledge better than a worksheet.  So allow them to take their time with it and create meaning.

Sweet Hobby

Our children should definitely have something they are passionate about... the level of attention to detail and the focus that comes with that is a priceless teaching tool

Let them explore and discover their talents.

Goodnight House, Goodnight Rooms...

It is strange how a place becomes a part of you, even a deep and intrinsic part.  To part with your surroundings is to part with a small piece of yourself, your ways of being and of interacting with the world.

So we bid our home goodbye.......

14 Chances

I am just reading through a post Melisa Nielsen wrote about temperament and parenting styles and hence the title of this post - 14 chances.

Why do we sometimes lose our temper as parents?

It is all about learning how to set boundaries as a parent, for the child, and being willing to stick to them.  I think many parents today could benefit from such a thought.  It is like the mom at the grocery store who tells the child umpteen times (maybe fourteen?) not to do something, or else.....  The child very well knows that the parent is not really setting a boundary.  These are empty threats.

How much better for our children to hear fewer words, but ones that hold real meaning.

Easier said than done.  I know.

I think such an approach helps us to keep our cool as well.  No need at all to lose one's patience or temper, because the child has not been allowed to wear away at our patience.


When I grow up....

As we were going for a late evening walk, looking for fireflies, ds looked at me and suddenly asked, Mommy, when I am big, will I remember being little?  It really struck me, as he was nearly sad in his questioning.  He found a little pebble, and asked me to keep it, so he could remember being little.

I sure hope he does remember....

Farewell to our Goldfish

Dd took this photo.  We had this little goldfish for about four years.  I was surprised to learn how long they could live, although in the end, he took a turn for the worse, probably ammonia buildup in the water.